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About Podčetrtek


The region of “counts and vagabonds”

Marked by vineyards and forests, the Kozjansko Region with Obsotelje has been classified as a UNESCO biosphere reservation since 2010.

There are 120 different bird species living in the area of which 25 are classified as rare or even globally endangered species; black stork, woodpecker, corncrake, common restart, lark and others. In the vicinity of Slivnica Lake, you can find a bird reservation, Gruška cave and an unforgettable rock known as Ajdovska žena.

There are also many precious plants growing here: Daphne blagayana, Greater pasqueflower, Carniolan lily, Veronica jacquinii, Hungarian clover, different orchids, and many more.

The Kozjansko Region prides itself on its rich cultural dowry: Podsreda and Planina Castles, Olimje monastery, Kalvarija with the Church of St. Rok in Šmarje pri Jelšah, numerous mills, pillories, and homesteads.

There are especially many nice features for families; a trip to numerous farms brings a diverse experience – from feeding farm animals to fresh food tastings, hay barn or old working tools viewing.

Amongst the gentle hills besides the rivers Sotla, Sava, Savinja and Voglajna learn about a local legend – the vagabond Guzaj. Perhaps you would rather learn about the lives of the Ipavec composers, a typical farm of the Kozjansko Region or the lifestyle of yore?

Paths across the hills of the Kozjansko Region will lead you to remote places and legends, traditions and tales… to folk singers and fiddlers – to authenticity.

Experience an untold story, visit the  Obsotelje and Kozjansko Region!