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Podčetrtek, in it’s near and far surroundings, has several different but very significant and also attractive sights for tourists. According to this fact it is no surprise that municipality Podčetrtek is one of the most distinctive Slovenian tourist municipalities. First we have to mention that a part of municipality Podčetrtek is also a part of Kozjanski Park – Regional Park, which with its diverse surroundings gives a great amount of possibilities for modern tourism.

In the place Olimje, not very far from Podčetrtek, is located worldly known Minorite Monastery with old apothecary and big nicely arranged herbal garden. An old and very popular guesthouse Amon is very important in our tourist picture; they have a golf field with nine holes, on the hill above the village lays a real game reserve with guest house Deer Reef. The place Olimje is also known by its famous chocolate boutique and production. The beer lovers can be satisfied with visiting this place, since municipality also has a small brewery with exemplary furnished rooms for guests, that is Brewery Haler. We have to emphasize that village Olimje received golden prize on the Entente Florale Europe competition in 2009 and in 2013 town Podčetrtek. The town Podčetrtek has s multipurpose sports hall, which came out as a result of public-private partnership between municipality Podčetrtek and Thermal Spa Olimia. The hall is used by locals and also several groups and clubs from different sorts of sport (using lodgment in Thermal Spa Olimia). Several sights, possibility of staying overnight in different accommodation, spread all over municipality Podčetrtek and not only in very famous Thermal Spa Olimia, give a possibility for long term vacation in Podčetrtek. The highest amount of accommodation is in Olimje. The reason for visiting our area is also the fact, that in the town and its vicinity more than 200 different events are organized throughout the year. There are no industries in the town or its wider surrounding that is why our place is a genuine green oasis, where the tourist can really enjoy and breathe with both parts of his lungs. Local Tourist Association is working in Podčetrtek (www.turizem-podcetrtek.si) and it is responsible for the promotion of the tourist offer for the whole municipality of Podčetrtek. Since 2012 the Association covers the tourist offer for two neighbor municipalities, namely municipality Bistrica ob Sotli and Kozje.


Two of the settlements in the municipality received an Entente Florale Europe gold award. We have also received various awards on the Slovenian national level from the Tourist Association of Slovenia.


Slovenia is situated in Central and Southeastern Europe touching the Alps and bordering the Mediterranean. Podčetrtek lies in the Northeastern part of Slovenia by the Slovenian Croatian border.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons – Slovenia in Europe

Photo: Podčetrtek located in Slovenia